About G Media Group

G Media Group is an emerging Multimedia, Event Management, Entertainment, Marketing & Branding company with a strong national and international presence. It is a one stop destination for over-the-top multimedia content. This company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and founded in 2015 by Mr. Harjinder Singh Gill. G Media Group excels in providing comprehensive information concerning current affairs in the field of politics, society, entertainment, art, music and technology.

G Media Group provides radio and television platforms to manage advertisements for ethnic media outlets in Brampton and GTA for over six years. Primarily, G Media is managing advertisements for Harjinder Gill Show- Ramz Punjabi, The Weekend Pulse, Ramz Punjabi Weekend Show, Radio Nazaria and the Social Media Platforms. Moreover, G Media Group also does media buying for the ethnic shows.

We fancy ourselves with exclusive interviews with the most famous personalities and dignitaries such as Actors, Players, Politicians, Doctors and Experts. Moreover, we intend to capture all the flavour of audio and visual entertainment by delivering the best of Bollywood and Pollywood news consisting of the latest events, shows, songs, feature films, movies, documentaries, etc.


“I Believe in the power of hard work and teamwork. My vision in life is to continue to dream big, believe big and achieve big”

Mr. Harjinder gill is an Indian-born Canadian journalist and a broadcaster with a Master of Mass Communication and Journalism. Most of his career has been in the media business. He expertise as a host and producer of leading south-Asian Radio and TV programs, blogger, reporter, voice over artist for documentaries, video/audio editor and a creative designer.

Mr. Gill is a renowned business enterpreneur and philanthropist in the Punjabi community with an impeccable reputation. He aims to make G Media Group a world-class Media, entertainment, event management, marketing and branding company with an integrated approach towards providing quality solutions for our clients to grow their businesses.

Harjinder Gill
Our Service Approach​

We aim to deliver world-class entertainment by following an integrated approach to bring quality to our work and satisfaction among our clients globally.


To become a trustworthy, ethical, constructive and reliable bridge between our community and providers and to achieve a positive, sustainable and combined growth for both.


Our vision is to become an esteemed ethnic organisation serving our community locally & globally, by providing various media and entertainment services.


Clients: We will ensure that our customer grows aggressively and earns adequate returns.

Customers: We make customers for lifetime and always strive to exceed their expectations.

Business Partners: We develop long term relationships with our partners based on mutual benefit, trust, support & transparency.

Employees: We make sure to nurture talent, develop competencies and would provide them a safe, healthy, stimulating and rewarding work environment.

Society: We are always conscious of our responsibilities towards the society and undertake welfare activities for the community.

Sectors We Serve

Event Management
  1. Music Concert
  2. Conferences
  3. Movie Premiers
  4. Launching
  1. Audio Content
  2. Video Content
  3. Printing Content
  4. Designing
Entertainment & Information
  1. Radio Show
  2. Tv Show
  3. Podcasts
  4. Social Media Services (Youtube, Facebook,
  5. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin)
  6. News & Current Affairs
Marketing & Branding
  1. Virtual
  2. Physical (Bill-Boards, Bus-Shelters, Flyers, Posters)
  3. Electronic
  4. Print
  5. Packaging
Production & Distribution
  1. Documentary
  2. Feature Films
  3. Corporate Films
  4. Web Series
  5. Audio Production
  6. Video Production
  7. Music Production
  8. Audio/Video Commercials
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